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Lessans Livery Yard and Riding Stables


Lessans Livery Yard and Riding Stables

Upcoming Event Highlight: Gridwork lessons with Margie Lowry

Jumping grids

Groups and times for the first week of Margie Lowry's gridwork lessons are as follows - please ensure that you arrive in good time for your lesson and are turned out in an appropriately clean and tidy manner:

Fri 24 February
GROUP 1 (5pm):
Abbey Wallace
Jennifer Thursfield
Adam Booth
Oliver Kinnear
Medb Kinney
Levana Camlin
GROUP 2 (6pm):
Hannah Patterson
Mia Lewis
Amy Weir
Niamh Fitzpatrick
Jean McComish
Rory Kinnear
GROUP 3 (7pm):
Molly McCluskey
Jordan Drain
Eve McDowell
Debbie McAlister
Roisin Kelly
Hannah McKinstry
GROUP 4 (8pm):
Emma Dowds
Jennifer Griffin
Rebecca Gordon
Alix Wilson
Sorcha Fitzpatrick
Patrick Boyle

If there are any problems, please let us know by private facebook message ASAP. NB: Your groups/times may change slightly for the following lessons so please pay attention to upcoming notifications.

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