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Lessans Livery Yard and Riding Stables

What's On

Events Schedule - Spring 2023

Please note: unless otherwise stated, Lessans events must be booked AND paid in advance. Payment will be non-refundable unless the event is cancelled by Lessans.

Margie Lowry Showjumping/Polework Lessons

EVERY WEDNESDAY: Former Irish international show jumper, Margie Lowry resumes her weekly jumping training sessions at Lessans. Small groups, tailored by age/ability where possible. Key skills covered at each session, aiming for overall jumping and course-riding improvement.
Also available, and suitable for novices, young or green horses, those who prefer not to jump, or only want to jump small fences, is the option of polework lessons instead, which may contain raised poles or the option to pop very small fences.
Provisional lesson times between 6-8pm. £20 per person, each lesson must be booked in advance on a weekly basis. To book, please message the Lessans chat group (liveries) or facebook page. Groups/times won't be confirmed until minimum spaces are filled - groups will not run with less than four participants.

For more information on events, contact Philippa Auret at Lessans Riding Stables on 07808923894. And don't forget to follow us on facebook for our most up-to-date news!